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Who is Uno?
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Where Happy Endings Happen!

At Uno's Happy Endings Rescue, we strive to improve the lives of animals all over the world through public education, rehabilitation and life-saving rescue services. We are always seeking fosters and volunteers to make the biggest impact on animal welfare possible. 

Uno's Happy Ending Rescue was founded on March 17th, 2008, when ten newborn kittens and their two nursing mothers were found in a carrier outside a local veterinary hospital. Though abandoned, neglected and suffering from pneumonia, 11 of the 12 cats thrived. The weakest kitten, named Uno, was being battled out of meals and warmth by her stronger siblings, and had a mere 30% chance of surviving. After dying and being revived three times, Uno was finally brought back from the brink of death for good. Her plight is the reason this rescue exists, and every effort we make for animals is on behalf of the Miracle that Uno became.

This rescue is foster based and relies on donations. If you are willing to open your home to animal in need please if out the foster application. If you can donate that will also go to the animals food and vet care. We hold fundraising events throughout the year and appreciate all of the support that we receive. 


Upcoming Fundraisers

Facebook Donations and T-shirt sale 


  • Animal rescue/adoption

  • Behavioral/educational training for new pet parents

  • Rehabilitation/assistance for domestic/wild animals

  • Prevention of animal cruelty/neglect information

  • Networking through foster homes and short-term placing programs to expand our life-saving services.


To adopt an animal you must pass our three-step application process, which includes a home visit and agreement. You may find our applications on our Contact page. Please contact us with any questions or concerns via email or by phone.


We are a 100% foster-based and volunteer-ran organization. We do not have a facility or shelter. To meet an animal please submit an application.

Tel:  330.208.8106


Donate today to help Ohio's needy animals!

100% of your donation goes

towards our rescued animals.

Copyright 2022, No animals were harmed in the making

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