The Tennessee Death Row Dog Story

The Tennessee Dog story. It all started when a dear friend of mine, who is a hero in animal rescue, alerted me of three dogs scheduled to be euthanized at a high-kill shelter in Memphis, TN. We had never rescued from out of state before so the process was new to us but we had to help. Being in Ohio, we had to go through several people who were actually in TN fighting to pull 9 in total, all whom were scheduled to die. First, the shelter mixed up the ID numbers, names and photos of the dogs we were supposed to pull, AFTER the pull fees were already paid. We were left hanging for days, waiting to find out if our dogs were still alive. Finally, days later, they released one dog. River, pictured, is that lucky dog. They did later release the rest of the dogs and all other pups are doing well and currently on their way to their different fosters in Ohio - (we will be picking up our babies tonight so stay tuned). They spent last night with a wonderful lady so they could get ready for transport today. All dogs are friendly and loving of course, innocent victims of the shelter system and breed discrimination.

Poor River had to go the vet pretty much immediately for blood in his feces. He got boarded overnight and started antibiotics and treatment. It was only a few hours before he started coughing up blood too, so re had to go to Jackson Animal Hospital at around midnight, where he was hospitalized for a couple hours and had some tests run. Just when we thought he was out of the woods, he is back at the vet today with the same symptoms. This poor lovable guy just can't catch a break. He has been through so much already, we just can't wait to get him home and spoil him rotten. He will be on tonight's transport, but he will need ongoing care to make sure he pulls through. We want him home so we can continue his care, but his last three veterinary bills, on top of our beloved Ariel's cremation bill yesterday, has really impacted our funds. We are begging for donations to continue the care of all of our animals. At this time, we are closed to intake as we simply cannot afford to help any more animals. Please donate to to help support our efforts and ensure we can continue helping animals in need not just in Ohio, but wherever they need our help.

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