Limited Space Means Turning Away Animals In Need!

Uno's Happy Endings Rescue constantly operates at an above-capacity level. We work day and night to ensure the best living environment for all animals in our care, but this unfortunately dictates the number of animals we may comfortably house at one time. Typically, in order to provide enough veterinary care, personal interaction and affection, and space for each rescued animal, we limit our efforts to working with 6-7 animals at a time.

Currently, Uno's has 7 cats in our care as well as two large dogs, and we are receiving an overwhelming amount of calls and tips about animals needing help every day.

As much as we would love to save every animal that needs us, we simply cannot with the lack of space we have to work with.

Along with working nearly single-handedly to keep the rescue successful and thriving, both of UHE Rescue founders work full-time jobs, mostly to financially support the neccessities of animal rescue. Veterinary care, adequate nutrition, toys and accessories and other animal-related expenses can well exceed over half of the income earned each month. None of these expenses includes basic housing and utility costs (which are high due to temperature control) and although we do accept donations, we rarely seek them out due to the time it would involve.

If you have the room in your heart and home, won't you please consider adopting or even fostering a rescued animal?

If you cannot house animals, would you consider making a one-time donation to help fund Uno's Happy Endings Rescue's efforts?

Receipts are always available upon request and we keep every receipt and donation statement for both parties' use.

Thank you for being an animal guardian and please, ADOPT DON'T SHOP! Never buy from a breeder!

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  • Animal rescue/adoption

  • Behavioral/educational training for new pet parents

  • Rehabilitation/assistance for domestic/wild animals

  • Prevention of animal cruelty/neglect information

  • Networking through foster homes and short-term placing programs to expand our life-saving services.


To adopt an animal you must pass our three-step application process, which includes a home visit and agreement. You may find our applications on our Contact page. Please contact us with any questions or concerns via email or by phone.


We are a 100% foster-based and volunteer-ran organization. We do not have a facility or shelter. To meet an animal please submit an application.

Tel:  330.208.8106


Donate today to help Ohio's needy animals!

100% of your donation goes

towards our rescued animals.

Copyright 2022, No animals were harmed in the making

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