Adoption & Fostering Services

Are you considering adopting an animal? The benefits to animal companionship are numerous; studies show that pets are psychologically, emotionally and physically beneficial. Adopting a pet can lower blood pressure, cholesterol and stress levels. Pet owners also show an increase of physical activity, improved heart strength and blood circulation and slowed loss of bone tissue.

Animals are far more than a mouth to feed, and saving a life reaps it's own rewards through improved quality of life. Why not adopt?

Adopting Vs. Buying


  Many people ask themselves "Why adopt a 'used' pet, when I can buy one brand new?" Simply put, shelter animals are not 'used' but are more often than not the unfortunate victim of someone's living or financial situation. Most cats and dogs who enter shelters each year have done nothing but be a best friend to a family. Out of the estimated 5-7 million animals who enter shelters each year, an astonishing 3-4 million are euthanized because they were not adopted in time. There are many reasons to adopt an animal. Most dogs and cats released to shelters have already been trained and have likely spent time with other animals and children. Rescued animals seem to be more personable and intuitive. Shelter animals tend to be healthier as well, and most are up to date on vaccinations, disease testing and are spayed or neutered by the shelter. Adopting an animal also saves TWO lives; one animal gets a home, and another shelter space opens for a needy dog or cat! The answer is obvious: ADOPT, DON'T BUY!

Starting Out on the Right Paw

When you adopt an animal from UHE Rescue, you are saving lives. Adoption includes:

Veterinary Examination
All animals adopted through our rescue are examined annually by a veterinarian.

Spay & Neuter
 Unless otherwise noted, all animals have been spayed or neutered. This is
necessary to ensure we are doing our part to help stop overpopulation.



Parasite Prevention

All animals are treated monthly for internal (worms/mites) and external                        (fleas/ticks) parasites on a monthly basis. Dogs are given a heartworm                       preventive medication each month. WE NEVER USE OVER-THE-COUNTER               FLEA PRODUCTS/COLLARS! THESE ARE HARMFUL TO YOUR PET!   


Micro-chips are a safe, affordable, and highly effective method of Identification. Unlike tags that can fade or fall off, Micro-chips are tiny devices that are implanted by a veterinarian under the skin. These chips are scanned by shelters and vets and contain vital information necessary to return a lost pet to it's family. One in 3 animals will become lost at some point during their lifetime, and of those, 53% of micro-chipped animals are returned to their owners. Animals literally carry their ID for their entire life.

Our cats and dogs are vaccinated as soon as they are rescued, and are updated completely prior to adoption. [We do not vaccinate for Leukemia or Rattlesnakes unless necessary.]

Healthy & Well-Groomed


Personality & Compatibility
Lifetime Never-Worry Policy

We strive for life-long placement when we adopt out an animal.                             Unfortunately, circumstances occur when an animal's needs can no longer         be met, and in these situations we recommend the animal be returned to us,

at any point in the animal's lifetime, should a suitable, RESPONSIBLE home be unavailable. We have applications and contracts that you may utilize in            your search for a quality adopter. If a quality home cannot be located, we will

take the animal back, with original adoption documentation and information.

Please contact us with ANY problems prior to considering readoption. Many

times, behavioral issues can be the result of stress or illness and are easily

treated with training or medication.





Our animals are healthy, have tested negative for communicable diseases and are fed high-quality diets to ensure proper nutrition. They are regularly bathed and groomed, and we trim their nails prior to adoption. WE DO NOT CONDONE DECLAWING.

Our rescued animals are allowed to socialize with other animals under strict supervision. This ensures maximum adoptability by seeking out compatible multi-pet homes as well as single-pet.

We make a sincere effort to get to know our rescues. We note temperament, behavioral needs, personality traits and more to ensure each animal is compatible with it's new family. We NEVER rehome animals that display aggression.


  • Animal rescue/adoption

  • Behavioral/educational training for new pet parents

  • Rehabilitation/assistance for domestic/wild animals

  • Prevention of animal cruelty/neglect information

  • Networking through foster homes and short-term placing programs to expand our life-saving services.


To adopt an animal you must pass our three-step application process, which includes a home visit and agreement. You may find our applications on our Contact page. Please contact us with any questions or concerns via email or by phone.


We are a 100% foster-based and volunteer-ran organization. We do not have a facility or shelter. To meet an animal please submit an application.

Tel:  330.208.8106


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