We strive to give a Happy Ending to every rescue story...

  At UHE Rescue, it's our mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome as many animals as possible. It's not easy; sometimes finding a compatible home seems nearly impossible for some of our furry friends. But with time, patience and love, comes a Happy Ending that can make all the waiting, wanting and wishing, worth it. 

  Here are some of our success stories; all of these animals have been rescued by UHE Rescue in terrible circumstances, and are now happily thriving in their perfect new homes. We want every animal we rescue, to host a spot on this page.

"Izzy" Simms

  Izzy was noticed as a stray in the harshest of winters in 2012 in a residential neighborhood. Being without front claws, her chances of survival were low. After resorting to searching garbage cans for a morsel to eat, some neighbors became nuisanced by her rummaging and decided to poison the trash.

  Luckily, we got to Izzy in time. Nearly 7 pounds underweight, suffering from a fractured collarbone and eye wound, and with fur matted to the skin, things didn't look good for poor Izzy.

  That was then. Now, Izzy enjoys all the luxuries of being an adored feline family member, and especially loves her belly rubs, treats and toys. 

  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Simms!

"Linus" Simones

Adopted with his brother Odie

  Linus and his brother Odie came to UHE Rescue when their unborn siblings and mother were rescued in 2011. When their mother's previous owner abandoned her in an empty apartment, we stepped in and helped raise her litter. After suffering from Upper Respiratory Infections at just 3 days old, they recovered quickly and were the first of the litter to be adopted, luckily enough with his brother!

  Apart from ruling the household with his brother Odie, Linus loves laying around and gorging on treats! Not only is Linus incredibly cute, but him and his brother are kitty superstars, too! They won a pet food contest and were featured on a brand of cat food!

Thank you to the Distefano-Simones family!!!

"Odie" Simones

Adopted with his brother Linus

  Odie and his brother Linus came to UHE Rescue when their unborn siblings and mother were rescued in 2011. When their mother's previous owner abandoned her in an empty apartment, we stepped in and helped her raise her litter. After suffering from Upper Respiratory Infections at just 3 days old, they recovered quickly and were the first of the litter to be adopted, luckily enough with his brother!

  Now, Odie loves nothing more than to cuddle with his puppy friend, play with his rambunctious brother, and follow hisbeloved humans around the house. Not only are they adorable but they are superstars as well after winning a pet food contest and being featured on a brand of cat food! 

Thank you to the Distefano-Simones family!!!

"CiCi" Stasiowski

  CiCi was rescued as a day-old newborn, with her three siblings. After rejecting a nursing bottle and fearing decline in the kitten's health, all four kittens in the litter were able to nurse from an existing litter's rescued mother and their lives were saved.

  Although they had a rough first couple weeks at life, and after being treated for a variety of illnesses obtained in the cold winter weather outside, they all recovered perfectly, and CiCi was adopted shortly afterwards.

  Now, CiCi loves to cuddle with her young human sister and be loved on by her whole family. 

  Thank you to the Stasiowski family!


"Ratchet" Buragas

  Ratchet was rescued as a 4-week-old kitten in 2012. After being tossed around from home to home, he finally landed at UHE Rescue with a plethora of illnesses and diet-related problems. We spent countless hours caring for Ratchet, even after he developed infections of the eyes and sinuses simulteanously. Once Ratchet was treated for his sickness and placed on a structured feeding plan with a high-quality diet, he improved ten-fold and was placed available for adoption mere weeks later!

  He may have had it rough at first, but now Ratchet enjoys sleeping on his humans and playing with the other cats and dogs he lives with. 

  Thank you Mr. Buragas!


"Simba" Evans

  Simba was found cold and alone in a flower nursery in 2010. Upon his veterinary examination, it was determined that Simba was an astonishing 13 years old, and from his condition it was estimated that he had been living outside for months. He was so emaciated and dehydrated, that his bones protruded from his skin. His fur was matted to his skin in thick clumps, and heavy discharge seeped from his eyes. It was obvious he was in trouble.

  After treatment, food, and a much-needed grooming session, Simba slowly made his way to recovery and was eventually adopted after spending a few weeks as a Veterinary Office "aid", where all the clients fell in love with him and he was a coworker favorite.

  Thank you to the Evans family for taking him into your heart and home!


Permanent UHE Rescue Family Member

  Scooter was rescued as a very young, very feral, wild cat. She was born to one of the stray cats in the area, and was doing a poor job of fending for herself. When a neighbor noticed her struggling, she worked with her every day, offering tasty morsels of food in exchange for a few steps closer, until Scooter was able to be caught.

  She spent months at UHE Rescue, recovering from her outdoor experience, and trying to overcome her natural fear of humans. After nearly a year at our rescue, Scooter's time had come and she was adopted. 

  Months after her adoption, her new human companion contacted us. She noticed Scooter was retreating into her shell more than ever. For Scooter's stress prevention and wellbeing, she was returned to UHE Rescue, where she is now a permanent member of our family, and every day she gets a little less shy.

  Thank you to the Craycraft family for ensuring Scooter's survival in the wild!

"Scarlette" Webb

Adopted by the Webb Family in October 2014

  Scarlette was found wandering the streets of Downtown Akron, starving and searching for a morsel to eat. She was covered in scabs, wounds and parasites and was so emaciated that her bones stuck out from behind her thin skin. 

  Once we rescued her, we noticed her dislike of cats, and knew that it would interfere with her finding a great home. Unfortunately we knew it was not a safe situation to foster her when we had rescue cats exploring their cage-free home, so we began searching for the perfect foster home.

  We found someone even better! Scarlette was adopted by the Webb family in Fall of 2014, where she now enjoys her cat-free life exploring the multi-acre property she calls home and being loved by the family's children.

  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Webb for opening your heart and home to Scarlette!


Death-Row at Summit County Animal Control

  Toby has had some very traumatic experiences in his life, but that doesn't stop him from letting his spirit shine!

  After his first human companions began a family and decided to rehome him, Toby spent a year of his life chained up in a yard during extreme winter weather, eating only when his "caretakers" felt like feeding him. His new "family" soon became tired of him and decided to rehome him once again. 

  Days after being adopted, his energy needs were too much for his new home and he was abandoned outside the Summit County Animal Control facility. Due to the traumatic circumstances and changes he was dealing with, Toby growled

at a control officer and found himself in the "Bite Room", where he was destined to die within hours. 

  UHE Rescue worked fast to pull him out of the pound just hours before his scheduled euthanasia and placed him with a foster home, whom fell in love with him shortly after meeting him. Who wouldn't? Just look at him!

"Nacho" Gauer

Adopted by the Gauer Family in August 2015

    Nacho, or "Cheese Nip" as we affectionately called him prior to adoption, was rescued from the streets of downtown Akron. A lovely Akron resident watched him dart between cars on a main road and jumped in to action before Nacho was hit by traffic. Nacho was relenquished to Uno's Happy Endings Rescue where he received some rehabilitation, much-needed food, and rest, before being placed for adoption.

  Notably one of the most affectionate kittens to come through our doors, Nacho was a favorite among rescuers. His soft mew and vibrant purrs were calming enough to relax even the most stressed rescue worker, and he was very personable even despite his young age of roughly 4 weeks old.

  Nacho is now living comfortably and in luxury, as his image depicts. The Gauer family continues to update UHE Rescue with adorable and sweet photos of Nacho doing what he does best: being EXTREMELY CUTE.

"Coal" Papp
Adopted by the Papp family in March 2016

  Coal was found during the summer of 2015 abandoned and neglected, and trapped under a laundry basket. Dehydrated, emaciated and suffering from hair loss, Coal was in bad shape. To make matters worse, she had kittens whom were just learning to explore; a concerned resident alerted us when one of the kittens was unfortunately hit by a car. We rescued the remaining kittens and found them a foster home, and took Coal to have her examined by a veterinarian and rehabiitated. She gained weight, her fur gradually grew back, and Coal was finally ready to be placed for adoption. It took several months to locate the purrfect home, but when Coal met Mr. Papp and explored her new home, it was instant love. Coal now enjoys lounging on the couch with her new dad, playing with her plentiful supply of toys, and waking him up by gently bopping him with her paw.

  Thank you Mr. Papp and family for opening your heart and home to Coal!

"Calypso" Cook
Adopted by the Cook family in June 2016

   Calypso was rescued as part of a litter of newborn kittens with their nursing momma. She had a rough start in life: Upper Respiratory Infections are debilitating to a young kitten. Miraculously, Calypso overcame the odds and became a healthy and happy little girl. Shortly after, Calypso was adopted by a great family, but days later she was returned due to allergies.

  A couple months later, her dream came true again as she was adopted a second time, also by a very nice family. It seemed too good to be true for Calypso, and mere weeks later, it was revealed that it was. She was returned again due to her family moving out of state.

  Calypso's little heart was broken, and although she loves her friends at Uno's, she kept hoping one day her dream would come true - for real. Days went by, then weeks, then years. Then, one summer day, a wonderful and loving family stumbled upon her photo and fell in love, and boy, were they worth the wait!

The biggest THANK YOU goes out to the Cook family for adopting Calypso!

"Pixie" Hanusek
Adopted by Ms. Hanusek in July 2016

  Pixie was rescued out of a tall tree one stormy May night. A mere 6 months old, she clung to the branches for days before anyone heard her cries. UHE Rescue President and Founder Amanda Goodwin risked her own safety and climbed the tree herself to get this beauty out of harm's way. Once safely on solid ground, Pixie proved to be one of the most affectionate and loving kitties we've ever met. She charmed her way into a wonderful home less than a month after she was rescued. Pixie now lives a life of total luxury, roaming and enjoying her new 2000 SQ FT home with her puppy friend and a human who will never get tired of her cute meows and head bonks.

Thank you Ms. Hanusek for adopting Pixie Purrfect!

"June Bug" Schiele
Adopted by the Schiele family in August 2016

  June Bug was rescued off the streets in June of 2016 as a weak and injured 6 week old kitten. Upon her rescue, it was revealed that June Bug had a raging infection in a deep wound near her tailbone; her fur was matted in thick clumps, she was emaciated, had an extremely swollen abdomen and worst of all, suffered from a maggot infestation in her wound. It took several weeks to treat her illnesses but June Bug's spirit never wavered. She fought her way to good health and became the spunky, energetic love-bug we knew she would be.

  The entire time June Bug was healing at UHE Rescue, her prospective adopter stayed in daily contact, checking on her and making sure she was getting stronger everyday. It was a wonderful day when this same lady adopted June Bug along with another kitten friend whom had an amputated leg. Together, they run the house and provide hours of endless laughs romping together and becoming best friends.

  THANK YOU to the Schiele family for adopting her, and for Mrs. Byerly for originally fostering her and saving her from a cruel life on the streets!

"Cammie" Rosenburg
Adopted by Ms. Rosenburg in July 2016

  Cammie has had a rough life. Originally rescued as a young kitten, Cammie was bottlefed and cared for around the clock until she was healthy and ready for adoption. She was adopted quickly but was returned due to a family members' allergies.

  With high spirits intact, Cammie returned to UHE Rescue and awaited her second chance. Months passed before she was finally adopted again. Cammie spent a year at her new home, fell in love with her new family and was devastated when her owners were forced to move out of their home and into a small apartment where they could not bring Cammie. Disappointed and having given up, Cammie fell into a deep depression for over two years, despite our best efforts to give her a fun and happy life. Cammie did not enjoy the shelter life and was desperate to find the perfect home. UHE Rescue volunteers were very diligent in searching for the VERY BEST home for her. Now, Cammie is happy and enjoying her new life with her new mom and doggy best friend. We coldn't be happier that Cammie's wish had finally come true.

  THANK YOU to Mr. and Mrs. Rosenburg for being Cammie's heroes!

"Merman" Mims
Adopted by Ms. Rosenburg in October 2016

  Balthazar (now Merman) was given up by his previous owner when he began to spray in his home. An un-neutered male cat, it was obvious he just needed to be neutered and the spraying would subside. Unfortunately, despite efforts to keep Balthazar in his home, we had to rescue him before he was thrown outside.

  Once neutered and acclimated to his new home, Balthazar instantly stopped spraying and became the most affectionate cat you could ever ask for.

  It took several months of waiting for the perfect fit, but finally Mr. and Mrs. Mims found his photo and fell in love. The wait was worth it - Balthazar, now named Merman, loves his life and has the whole house to himself and his two small pup friends. He finally found his paradise with people who adore him and he will never know homelessness again!

  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Mims for adopting our handsome loverboy!

"Fender & Gibson" Collins
Adopted by the Collins family in Dec. 2016

  Darion and Mocha, now Fender and Gibson, were rescued with their brothers Midnight and Cocoa (already adopted) in mid-october as young kittens. Their mom took excellent care of them, despite being extremely malnourished and emaciated. She could barely feed herself and she was taking such good care of her babies.

  Luckily once Uno's stepped in, it was smooth sailings. They learned how to live in a home, and learned that not all people are bad.

  Fender & Gibson lucked out, and drew the attention of hundreds of people, but it was still a challenge to find them the best home so close to Halloween, a time when people with the worst of intentions usually go looking for black/dark colored cats. Finally they were placed in a wonderful home where they can stay together forever, thank you so much to the Collins family to giving them their own Christmas Miracle!

"River" Gliozzo-Cohn
Adopted by the Gliozzo-Cohn family in December 2016

  River was one of the first out-of-state rescue dogs we ever helped. River, along with two other dogs, were stuck in a cage in a high-kill Memphis, Tennessee shelter, awaiting euthanasia simply for not finding a home in time. Luckily, a large group of heroes helped us get these babeis to safety.

  River was extremely skinny, malnourished and had a bad cough that our veterinarian speculated was from improper intubation during his neuter surgery.

  Luckily, many special people were looking out for this sweet boy so we got him treated for his ailments and began the long road to recovery.

  Not long after he was officially placed on the adoption list, the Gliozzo-Cohn family fell in love with his photo and submitted his application. It was meant to be, and River (Now Neptune) loves his new life with his human sister, puppy and kitty friends, and even horse friends! He has his own beach and plenty of room to run. Thank you to the Gliozzo-Cohn family for adopting this baby!

"Midnight" Osters
Adopted by Ms. Osters in Nov. 2016

  Midnight was rescued with his brothers Cocoa, Mocha and Darion (already adopted) in mid-october as young kittens. Their mom took excellent care of them, despite being extremely malnourished and emaciated. She could barely feed herself and she was taking such good care of her babies.

  Luckily once Uno's stepped in, it was smooth sailings. They learned how to live in a home, and learned that not all people are bad.

  The family lucked out, and drew the attention of hundreds of people, but it was still a challenge to find them the best home so close to Halloween, a time when people with the worst of intentions usually go looking for black/dark colored cats. Finally he was adopted and shares his new home with a kitty companion and the best adopted mom! Thank you so much to the Osters family to giving Midnight his own Christmas Miracle!


Adopted 10/2018

"Sasha" Moncrief
Adopted by Ms. Keeper-Moncrief in Sept. 2016

  Sasha endured the most horrific of circumstances before being rescued by UHE Rescue. Abandoned for weeks inside an empty duplex, 10 year old Sasha was extremely dehydrated and emaciated. To make matters worse, she was pregnant and due to deliver any day. UHE Rescue saved this sweet girl and got her back to good health. Her babies were healthy and happy and were adopted, leaving Sasha to wait for her new home alone. Years passed without even so much as an application. Unfortunately nobody wanted Sashas as she was an elderly black cat; statistically the least adopted kind of cat.

  We promised her we wouldn't give up looking for the perfect home. In September 2016, that promise finally came true. Sasha landed the most AMAZING home with three other senior kitties to share her home with. Sasha now enjoys the good life lounging around and living out the rest of her years with her wonderful human companion Ms. Keeper-Moncrief. Thank you for adopting our sweet old girl!

"Mario" Semethy
Adopted by Ms. Semethy in November 2016

Mario is a handsome 5 month old Husky mix pup who found himself and his sister, Sonoma, homeless and in danger. Soime good samaritans found them and tried to place them with good families. Mario lucked out and found a great family who cared for him temporarily until we rescued him. He is a playful, loving guy who just needed some meat on his bones and a warm place to lay his head. Him and his sister loved to play, but soon began to grow more independent and we knew they were ready for their forever homes. Mario found a delightful family with a huge house and plenty of space to run, a kid brother, and puppy playdates whenever he wants. Thank you Ms. Semethy and family for adopting Mario!

"Cocoa" Novotny
Adopted by the Novotny family in Dec. 2016

   Cocoa was rescued from living life outside as a stray with his mom and his other three siblings. At only a couple weeks old, they were subjected to life in the elements every day, and being so close to Halloween we knew we had to get them safe.

  Cocoa is an adorable and handsome little guy who loves to play and explore. He was adopted by the Novotny family after they stumbled upon his photo and fell in love.

  Cocoa now has some human siblings, as well as a kitty friend whom he loves vey dearly. Thank you so much to the Novotny family for adopting this sweet boy and giving him a great life!

"Kirby" McMasters
Adopted by Mr. McMasters in Dec. 2016

  Kirby is a special little guy who wound up in our rescue after he was presumably dumped with two cats. A well-meaning person took him in for the night but then put him back out on the streets after he had an accident in his home.

  We took Kirby in with open arms and began training him and getting him fattened up. Despite being more than 15 lbs underweight, he still found the energy to wag his tail and give us a kiss when we saw him.

  Kirby spent some time getting his weight up enough to be able to neuter him. He was a quirky, cute and funny little pup who stole our hearts instantly.

He must have stolen the heart of his adopter as well because as soon as Mr. McMasters saw his photo, he knew he wanted him in his family.

  Thank you for giving our special boy over 2 acres to run, and an awesome hiking buddy who he can cuddle up to at night for some TV and some pets, Mr. McMasters!

Crush- Adopted Sept 2018

Crush was an owner surrender in the summer of 2018. He is lovable and has lots of energy. He loves everyone he meets and loves to play. He will be enjoying life with his new human playing all by himself but will enjoys time with other doggie friends. Hope you enjoy every minute of your new life crush. 

Black Jack and Domino Adopted 6/2020 After 8 years in foster. 

Sam will be enjoying the spoiled life from now on. He will have three doggie siblings and lots of room to run and play at his new home. He will have lots of cuddles and love from his new dad and will return that love 10 fold. Happy life little guy. 


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