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March 9, 2017

Tonight we saved a beautiful hen from a life doomed to end on a plate. We don't know much about her other than that she is sweet and capable of giving and receiving love. Please make a compassionate choice for this and all chickens and go vegan ❤

January 20, 2017

What is an assessment?

  Typically a standard assessment is conducted in stressful, loud-volume and high-traffic environments and is a valuable tool when used correctly to help identify potential behavioral disorders and establish the eligibility of being dog and cat fr...

November 18, 2016

The Tennessee Dog story.
  It all started when a dear friend of mine, who is a hero in animal rescue, alerted me of three dogs scheduled to be euthanized at a high-kill shelter in Memphis, TN. We had never rescued from out of state before so the process was new to us b...

September 9, 2016

Uno's Happy Endings Rescue is always busy helping animals in need. Lately we have launched a TNR program throughout Northeast Ohio to help control wild cat populations and prevent suffering to cats who aren't lucky enough to have wonderful, safe homes with people who l...

August 20, 2015



  Uno's Happy Endings Rescue constantly operates at an above-capacity level. We work day and night to ensure the best living environment for all animals in our care, but this unfortunately dictates the number of animals we may comfortably house at one time. Typically...

April 3, 2015

Mr. Rat, as we've been fondly calling him, somehow found his way into my kitchen one cold wintery night. My dogs found him before we did, unfortunately, and he was roughed up a little. Because of the temperatures and his recuperating wounds, we kept him for a week to r...

October 31, 2014


  Although we all are (or should be!) keeping our furry friends inside during this holiday, we aren't keeping our FEELINGS inside for the upcoming month!

November is NATIONAL VEGAN MONTH and in honor of this terrific, educational month, ou...

June 9, 2014

  In early Spring 2014, Uno's Happy Endings Rescue was called to assist a wonderful couple with a skinny senior pooch who wandered onto their porch one cold, bitter night. The homeless pup was tired, hungry and cold, but her spirit was as bright as ever. After a quick...

March 20, 2014

  I am really interested in any positive or negative feedback regarding this website and functionality, spelling or other errors, and if the site is easy to navigate. 

  Please feel free to send other tips, helpful hints or feedback! 




February 25, 2014

  Ahh, at last. Virtual success. Creating and publishing a website is not exactly a walk in the park, especially for someone with next to no technological experience. Computers, to me, are like an alien race. I don't try to understand them, and vice versa.

  I was thril...

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The Tennessee Death Row Dog Story

November 18, 2016

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  • Animal rescue/adoption

  • Behavioral/educational training for new pet parents

  • Rehabilitation/assistance for domestic/wild animals

  • Prevention of animal cruelty/neglect information

  • Networking through foster homes and short-term placing programs to expand our life-saving services.


To adopt an animal you must pass our three-step application process, which includes a home visit and agreement. You may find our applications on our Contact page. Please contact us with any questions or concerns via email or by phone.


We are a 100% foster-based and volunteer-ran organization. We do not have a facility or shelter. To meet an animal please submit an application.

Email: uherescue@yahoo.com
Tel:  330.208.8106


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