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1 year old

Mother to one of the litters of kittens saved from canton area. she is a supper sweet girl that loves to snuggle. She is ready for her forever home. 



Rescued March 18th 2012

  Hello, I'm BlackJack! I'm a charming, handsome long-haired boy and I'm beginning to lose hope that there is a home for me out there! I've been with UHE Rescue since my mom was rescued. She was pregnant and had my three siblings and I in March of 2012. My brother and sister have already been adopted, and my brother Domino and I have been patiently waiting for our Happy Endings ever since!

  I am the most playful cat I've ever met, and I could play with my toys all day, so I need an active home with a human who wants to play every day! I am an excellent boy and I get along perfectly with cats, dogs and kids. I am very gentle and I LOVE belly rubs! I'm not a big cuddler and don't care to be held, but if you let me curl up on your lap, I will never leave. I really am a good boy, I just want a home! I would really like to be adopted with my brother Domino as he is shy and he needs me!


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Rescued Spring 2017/ returned 8/18


     Martin is an extremely sweet and unique boy who has been dealt a bad hand in life time and time again. We rescued Martin from being euthanized at a TN shelter because he couldn't find a home in time. It was discovered he was recovering from a ligament injury to his knee; it is healing well and does not require medication therapy or surgery at this time. However, due to the possibility of further injury to his knee(s) later in life, we are looking for a family able to support the financial burden of such a circumstance should it arise.

  Martin enjoys other dogs and loves to spend time at the dog park. He also gets along well with cats and ADORES children. He is quite happy cuddling up on the couch at night for a good movie marathon, and he is house and crate trained.

  Martin has a high prey drive and is not suitable for homes with small animals i.e. birds, rabbits etc. He is a super affectionate boy so fall in love today! 

Martin was returned for reported aggressive behavior. there was not evidence of this and we have seen no behaviors like this since his return. 


Rescued March 18th 2012

  Hi, I'm Domino! My brother BlackJack and I are the last kittens to be adopted out of our family. I came to UHE Rescue when my mom was pregnant with us. She, along with my other brother and sister, have already found their forever home. My brother and I are just waiting for ours!

  I'm a shy guy, and I like to spend most of my time cuddled up sleeping or indulging in my favorite activity, eating. I am a little skittish around new people, but I warm up fast and I love a good scratch, or to curl up on you and nuzzle you. 

  My best friend is my brother BlackJack, and I would hate to be seperated from him so I am hoping that somebody wants to take both of us home. We are well-behaved, playful and adventurous so we will need a home with lots of toys and vertical scratching posts. Are you looking for two best friends? Pick Us!



Pol, Giovanni and Spike

About 1 year old bonded rats. They are larger boys that are very social. They enjoy taking food right from your hand and need to stay together. 


longest resident

Hope is a sassy girl that likes to be the center of attention. She would like to be in a home where there is no one else to share with. She will be the apple of your eye. Please give this girl a loving home today.

update 1/2019- Hope has been putting in some work with her training and is now doing well with cat and dog friends. There are still some that she does not choose to spend her time with but others that she plays and shares a cuddle or two with. 

Dorothy is the only kitty from this litter remaining. she is currently looking for her forever home. 

About 4 months old and very shy. She is warming up to people and getting better with handeling. 



opal is about a year old now and socialized to other kitties, kids and dogs. He is sweet and loves to cuddle or just lay around. 



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To adopt an animal you must pass our three-step application process, which includes a home visit and agreement. You may find our applications on our Contact page. Please contact us with any questions or concerns via email or by phone.


We are a 100% foster-based and volunteer-ran organization. We do not have a facility or shelter. To meet an animal please submit an application.

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